Privacy Policy

In engaging in publicity businesses, media services businesses, Internet media business, Internet marketing businesses and information systems consulting businesses, the Company pledges that it will appropriately and strictly handle personal information pursuit to the privacy policy prescribed as follows below. Furthermore, the Company is aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and shall comply with the matters set forth below in order to secure and appropriately protect personal information.

1.The Company engages in the appropriate acquisition, use and provision of personal information and the outsourcing of the handling of that personal information.
(1) In regards to the acquisition and use of personal information, the Company will designate the purposes for using said personal information within the scope of the notices of the Company’s services, the provision of various information as well as the general affairs operations of the Company and shall not handle said personal information in a manner that exceeds that required to achieve the designated purpose of use (use for purposes other than the original intent). In addition, appropriate control measures will be established to prevent use for purposes other than the original intent. With regards to personal information acquired by the Company, the Company may delegate the handling of that personal information in the scope required to achieve the above noted purposes.
(2) The Company will not provide acquired personal information to a third party except with the permission of the individual or as required by law and except when there is a legitimate reason not to do so, such as when pursuant to laws and regulations, when necessary for the protection of life and property and when necessary to cooperate with public authorities.

2. The acquisition of personal information and management of personal information shall be implemented to prevent and rectify fraudulent access, destruction, alteration, leakage, loss or damage, shall be securely managed and its accuracy shall be maintained. Additionally, acquired personal information shall ultimately be destroyed after the passage of its required retention period. Said destruction shall be undertaken based on prescribed destruction methods corresponding to the classification of the personal information as well as the type of medium and leakage outside the Company shall be prevented.

3. When there are inquiries and complaints or disclosure, revision or deletion requests relating to the subject of personal information, the Company shall, to the extent there are no special grounds, respond having confirmed that the requester is the subject of the personal information.

4. In regards to the acquisition, use, delegate and provision services of personal information, the Company shall comply with the Company’s personal information protection management systems which is in compliance with the Japan Industry Standard “Personal Information Protection Management Systems-Requirements (JISQ15001:2006)” and shall undertake the acquisition, use, delegation and provision services of personal information on the basis of strict management.

5. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines prescribed by the state and other standards and social order relating to personal information and shall make every effort with respect to the appropriate protection of personal information.

6. The Company shall undertake the continuous improvement of the above noted privacy policy management systems.

Enactment Date: November 1, 2008
Latest Revision Date: July 1, 2013
Tokyo Calendar, Inc.
Representative Director: Yusuke Sugano
Contact point relating to privacy policy: TEL: +81-3-5740-5839

Concerning the handling of personal information
1. Name of business operator
Tokyo Calendar, Inc.

2. Privacy Policy Manager
Kenyu Ohkubo, Manager, Administration Department

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
(1) The Company shall use personal information for the development, the enhancement and upgrading of the services on the website operated by the Company, the planning of events and for survey requests relating to questionnaires for marketing.
(2) The Company shall use personal information for notices relating to events, products and services offered by the Company, for sales promotion activities, etc., for after service and e-mail newsletters and otherwise for sending the catalogs and direct mail of third parties deemed appropriate by the Company.
(3) The Company shall use personal information for use of the website operated by the Company, for inquiries relating to bookings/orders made in the Company’s website, for making inquiries relating to restaurant reservations and restaurant reservation status and for enhancing the functions to make undertaking customers’ restaurant reservation status and restaurant reservation confirmation more user-friendly.
(4) The Company shall use applicant information and information posted on job search sites for employment selection and/or communication pertaining to employment selection.
(5) The Company shall use the personal information of its employees for personnel and administrative operations, pay-related operations, a variety of communications, and various other business management operations.

4. Third Party Provision of Personal Information
The Company shall provide collected personal information to the below noted delegated services alliance partners and other third parties for purposes set forth therein.
(1) Provision to businesses delegated with order price settlement
(2) Provision to restaurants for the arrangements of restaurant reservations
(3) Provision to advertising agencies, etc. in order to undertake announcements of offers, the latest information and advertising planning, etc. by e-mail and direct mail, etc.
(4) Provision to the delegated alliance partners of information received when consigned with acting as the contact point by the delegated alliance partner
(5) Provision pursuant to the demand or request for cooperation from investigative and judicial agencies

5. Delegation of the Handling of Personal Information
There are cases when the Company shall delegate within the required scope of the purposes of use set forth above all or a portion of the handling of personal information.

6.Disclosure of Information Subject to Disclosure, etc. and Inquires Desk
Pursuant to the request of the individual who is the subject of personal information, the Company shall accept requests notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, revision, addition or deletion, stoppage of use, deletion and stoppage of the provision to third parties (hereafter referred to as “Disclosures, etc.) of personal information subject to disclosure held by the Company.

7. Acquisition of Personal Information by Methods which cannot be easily Recognized by the Individual
The Company shall not undertake the acquisition of personal information which cannot be easily recognized by the individual such as using cookies and web beacons, etc.

8. Personal Information Security Management Measures
With respect to acquired personal information, the Company shall take required and appropriate measures for the prevention and rectification of leakage, loss or destruction and other personal information security management.

9. Inquiries desk for complaints and consultation relating to the handling of personal information
(1) By telephone
Tokyo Calendar, Inc. Personal Information Administration
Telephone [+81-3-5740-5869] Inquiries accepted from 10:00 to 17:00
Only Weekday
*Over the New Year is excluded

(2) By letter
Personal Information Administration, Tokyo Calendar, Inc.
Art Village Osaki Central Tower F14
1-2-2, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032