A famous southern Italian restaurant recreated in Hiroo.

Antichi Sapori

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Apulia’s famous Antichi Sapori,
just behind the door

Get a taste of the original,
faithfully reproduced in Japan.

Antichi Sapori is a famous restaurant in Southern Italy’s Apulia region that has received the highest evaluation possible from Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most trusted food and wine magazine.

In order to reproduce the restaurant in Japan, everything was brought from Italy, from chairs and flooring to tablecloths and nails.

The wooden tables are spaced comfortably far apart and give the room a sense of warmth, and the pale rustic colours of the rest of the interior are also faithfully reproduced, helping to transport diners all the way to Apulia.

If Italy is shaped like a boot, then Apulia can be found in its heel. Its cuisine may not yet be well-known among Japanese diners, but this restaurant will help fix that, as they pile dish after dish of antipasto onto the table.

Chef Daisuke Yamazaki trained at the original Apulia restaurant and he tells us that “hospitality is about providing lots of food.”

Yamazaki brings great skill to the kitchen here. Apparently the head in Apulia even once said that his vegetable-focused antipastos “taste more Italian than what you can find in Italy.”

Orecchiette, which mean "little ears" is a hand-made pasta from Apulia.

Made from grano aso, a flour made of burnt grain, the orecchiette here is given a subtle aroma and gently sweet flavour when combined with broccolini, mushrooms, and pureed broad beans.

Crunchy bread crumbs are sprinkled over top, providing more texture to this traditional Apulian dish.

Dessert provides yet another source of joy. Apulian almonds are rare in Japan, but at Antichi Sapori they are candied for hours in a mixture of rosemary and brown sugar.

The method is simple, but it results in a bittersweet harmony that is nothing less than perfect. In this one dish one can truly experience the rich depth of Apulian food culture.

Home-grown almonds and amaro liqueur are available for purchase at the restaurant as well.


Chef Profile

Daisuke YamazakiDaisuke Yamazaki

Born in 1976. Graduated from Hattori Nutrition College. Worked in a number of restaurants in Venice before winning a cooking competition held by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Later fell in love with the cuisine of Puglia, and began working at Antichi Sapori in Montegrosso. Took on current position after
working as head chef at Shinjuku’s IL Bacaro.



What made you want to become a chef?
I’ve loved cooking since I was little, and since then I’ve wanted to create delicious food. I decided to become a cook when I graduated from middle school. When I entered cooking school I first started learning French cuisine, but my graduation trip to Italy really gave me an awakening. Now I wouldn’t think about working in anything but Italian cuisine.
What dish has left a strong impression on you?
We serve sformato, Italian regional dishes where various ingredients are baked into moulds. The first time I saw hot dishes being served as starters I was really shocked. Apulia is near both the mountains and the sea, so they have a rich array of ingredients available, but they also have lots of simple dishes made with vegetables and cheese. All the ingredients are gently brought together with Apulian olive oil.
What do you do on your days off?
I cook at home, too. I really love cooking. Japanese food, Chinese food, whatever. My son likes Italian food best though. He’s only three years old, but he likes orecchiette. The grano aso is still a bit beyond him though, so I haven’t made it for him yet.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameAntichi Sapori
AreaEbisu / Hiroo
Opening day8th August, 2013
Hours of Operation Lunch: From 11:30 (Last order 14:30)
Dinner: From 18:00 (Last order 22:00)
Closed On January 1
Service charge-
Cover ChargeDinner time
Coperto¥500 per person
Children Permitted

*Children welcome

Capacity 90 seats
Seat area

Waiting space available

Private Rooms Available

*・Private room available for parties from 10 to 24.
・Floor A available for parties of 60.
・Floor B available for parties of 20.
・Floor C available for parties of 30.

Private party Available

*Parties: 90 seats, up to 120 standing.
・Corkage fee applied. Please confirm ahead of time

Private party options


microphone・audio equipment


Can bring own

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Smoking area inside restaurant.

Barrier Free Yes

*Wheelchair accessible slope at entrance.
Diners wishing to make use of slope please contact restaurant ahead of time.

Parking Unavailable

*Metered parking available in front of restaurant until 7PM on weekdays.

Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeHeavy

Specialty Cuisine

Top-quality ingredients

*Apulia’s famous southern Italian restaurant recreated in Tokyo.
Apulian-Style cuisine has unique characteristics that they pile dish after dish of antipasto onto the table.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Children's Menu

*Easy-to-eat dishes like spaghetti and fried pizza available.
We also run a hands-on pasta-making class.

Vegetarian Possible

*Please inquire

Foreign Language Menu Available

*English, Italian

Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available

*English, Italian

Halal Food Possible

*Please inquire

Souvenir Handling Available

*Apulia's famous olive oil, imported directly, Apulia-style snacks and dishes, etc.

AddressNikko palace 1st Floor, 5-2-40, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, , Tokyo, 106-0047
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Fax Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access7 minutes walk from Hiro-o St. on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.
LunchApulia lunch 【At least 10 dishes: antipasto, pasta, dessert, digestifs.】¥3,180(税込)
Pietro lunch【 At least 11 dishes: antipasto, pasta, meat, dessert, digestifs.】¥4,380(税込)
Antichi lunch 【 At least 15 dishes: antipasto, pasta, meat, dessert, digestifs 】¥5,230(税込)
DinnerSaporito course 【At least 9 dishes: antipasto, pasta, meat, dessert】¥5,340(税込)
Apulia course 【At least 14 dishes: antipasto, pasta / meat, dessert, digestifs.】¥6,580(税込)
Antichi course【 At least 15 dishes: antipasto, pasta, meat, dessert, digestifs 】¥7,670(税込)
Available wines

Approx. 18 types

Southern Italy’s Apulia region wines, imported directly,

Available beers

Approx. 3 types

Italian beer、Non-alcoholic beer

Drink Carry-out Permitted

*Corkage fee applied.

Red wine / White wine/ Beer / "The All-you-can-drink " (Same as the course, 120 minutes) ¥2,500
Red wine / White wine Wine made for many years by the owner and chef of the original restaurant in Apulia『Pietro Zito』(Bottle) ¥4,100

Restaurant Interior