Basque Country - the capital of gourmet - where traditional cuisine and gastronomic evolution meet

Pais Vasco

パイス バスコ
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パイス バスコ
パイス バスコ

The chef's passion can be felt each night
at this little restaurant
A passion to tell the world
about the wonders of Basque Food Culture.

Basque cuisine has captured the attention of the entire culinary world.

Chef Tomohisa Yamada trained in a three-star restaurant in Basque country and brings all of his skills to bear here at Pais Vasco, where he offers both genuine traditional Basque cooking alongside more modern, evolved Basque cuisine.

Pais Vasco has a relaxed, bar-like atmosphere but one simply has to open the menu to glimpse Pais Vasco's hidden depths.

That menu features around 90 dishes, and when diners order Basque staples like Bacalao Crocchetta, they get an authentic taste of that tradition.

In contrast, the recipe for the chef's speciality dish of foie gras conger with fruit mille feuille is an important one - he inherited it from the three-star Basque restaurant where he trained.

Yamada brings together traditional and modern cooking to give people a glimpse of Basque food culture - an experience that is still rare in Japan.

Txakoli is a softly sparkling wine that is absolutely indispensable to the Basque dining experience. Servers put on a great performance when they pour the wine from a height to introduce air into the liquid.

Pais Vasco has a total of nine types of txakoli on hand. With a low alcohol content, txakoli is easy to drink and complements the delicate and airy flavours of Basque cuisine very well.

The first floor features an open kitchen and counter bar where visits can stop by even for a single drink. Portions are small, so even someone dining alone can enjoy a variety of different dishes.

Diners looking for a proper dinner are recommended to take a table on the second or third floor, both of which are decorated in Spanish art. The compact space is popular for private parties as well.

This stand-alone restaurant in the back-alleys of Ginza recreates the lively evenings of Basque country.


Chef Profile

Chef/Tomohisa YamadaTomohisa Yamada

Born July 5, 1964, Tokyo. Blood TypeO.
Started at 16 in the family's ramen restaurant in his home neighbourhood of Akasaka. Worked in Roppongi French restaurant A Tanteand Italian restaurants throughout the city, and after becoming fascinated with Italian food, football, opera and F1 racing, he moved to Europe in 1996.

He studied for five years in Italy and one in Spain, and trained at a number of restaurants in Basque country, including three-star Restaurante Martin Berasategui. Worked as a head chef in Korea, spending three years training other cooks in the art. After many years nurturing the dream of opening his own Basque cuisine restaurant, became chef at Pais Vasco in September, 2009.



What made you want to become a chef?
My family runs a ramen restaurant in Akasaka, so I've known I'd do something in the food business since I was young. I started working at the family shop at 16, and then thought I wanted to see what other industries were like so I worked at Italian restaurants and some others.

That was when I fell in love with Italy, and I decided to go there to learn about Italian cuisine in its homeland.
What do you want to communicate to people with your cooking?
When I was training in Spain's Basque country, I was surprised by the sheer depth of Basque food culture.

The Japanese image of Spanish food only really includes dishes like ajillo and paella, but Spain (i.e. the Basque region) has a lot of great traditional cuisine. I want to introduce those dishes to Japan.
What tastes do you remember from childhood?
My family's ramen. My parents both worked and they were always busy, so it felt like we ate ramen every day.
Even now I still want to eat it sometimes.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NamePais Vasco
パイス バスコ
AreaGinza / Yurakucho / Marunouchi / Yaesu
Opening day20th September, 2012
Hours of Operation From 17:30 (Last order 26:00)
※Open Fridays until 1st train on Saturday
Closed Sundays
Service charge-
Cover Charge¥300
Children Permitted
Capacity 50 seats

*Parties: 20 seats, up to 30 standing. Counter:6 seats

Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Terrace seating available

Sofa seating available

Private party Available

*Please contact restaurant.
2nd and 3rd floors can be booked.
Smoking permitted on 3rd floor during bookings

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Smoking allowed in a dry area

Pets OK Not possible

*Customers with pets may use the terrace.

Parking Available

*Coin parking available nearby.

ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

Specialty Cuisine

Vegetarian Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Address 7-3-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, , Tokyo, 104-0061
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Fax Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access■5 minutes walk from Shimbashi St. on the JR Line.
■5 minutes walk from Ginza St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza,Marunouchi and Hibiya lines.
■7 minutes walk from Hibiya St. on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.
DinnerFirst-timer's Course¥3,000
Available wines

Approx. 60 types

More than 60 types of wine selected by in-house sommelier.

Available Cocktails

Approx. 30 types

Available whiskies

Approx. 10 types

Available beers

Approx. 10 types

Approx. ten types including German, and microbrews

Drink Carry-out Permitted

Restaurant Interior

Check for Open Tables