A popular sushi bar with the flair of Aoyama.

Sushi Masuda

鮨 ます田
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Sate your hunger in this Aoyama hideaway
offering prime quality sushi and tsumami
made by an up-and-coming sushi chef.

Rei Masuda learned the ropes of outstanding seasoning from chef Jiro Ono at the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro, and in January 2014, he opened his own sushi restaurant - Sushi Masuda.

The elevator doors open, and guests see only six counter seats and a private room with seating for another six.

Masuda originally thought about making an L-shaped counter, but settled for only six seats when he realized that he would be able to serve each guest one-to-one and eye-to-eye.

The menu is offered in two courses only - sushi and tsumami (a type of side dish.)
The sushi is a thorough recreation of those flavours Masuda learned at Sukiyabashi Jiro, but the other dishes show how he is developing the work of others as he seeks out his own unique culinary style.

He has had a great amount of experience with making tsumami in his time at other Japanese restaurants, and they too are perfect examples of the stylish but unique beauty and flavours of Japanese cuisine.

He doesn't rely on a specific region for his fish - he goes to Tsukiji Fish Market every day and chooses the best fish of that day through consultation with the fish sellers. He says that he wants to "give customers exactly what they want to eat whenever possible."

Masuda never grills a dish until customers arrive for their reservation - in this and many other ways he puts his whole heart into making things perfect for each guest.

It has been open for only a year, but it stands out from the rest of the many sushi restaurants in Tokyo for that reason - Masuda's hospitality and incredible skill.

The restaurant features a bar counter, something rare for a sushi restaurant.
Masuda explained that when he was looking for a location, he wanted "somewhere other than Ginza."

Once he found a location in Aoyama, a place known for its night life, he wanted to reproduce that atmosphere within his restaurant and had the bar installed. The array of glasses along the wall produce a luxurious atmosphere, but also keep it simple.

Masuda has succeeded in creating the "treasured hideaway" he was aiming for.


Chef Profile

Rei MasudaRei Masuda

Born Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture, 1980.
Began working at Tenzushi, a famous shop in Kokura, at 17. Later graduated from culinary college and worked in sushi restaurants and at Kokura's Manso, learning the fundaments of Japanese cuisine.

Spent two months wandering around Ginza sampling the different restaurants until he found the one he thought was most delicious and started working there - Sukiyabashi Jiro. Nine years later, in January 2014, opened Sushi Masuda in Omotesando.



What made you want to become a chef?
Working in a local sushi shop was where I got my start, but it was actually just by accident. I wanted to make people happy, and I got more and more fascinated by the sheer depth sushi has, and so I started thinking about becoming a sushi chef.

After I graduated from culinary school I worked in the kitchen of a Japanese cuisine restaurant, but even when I started there, I told them that I eventually wanted to open my own sushi restaurant. At some point it had become a clear goal to own my own restaurant.
What do you look for in your ingredients?
Purchasing is the most important thing I do. Sushi obviously is all about the fish, so I must go to Tsukiji to get it. The reason I don't focus on a certain area is because it's obviously a natural resource and so one area may not offer good fish throughout the whole year.

It is important to have a trusting relationship with the fish mongers. But if they don't know what I like or how I think, they can't make any suggestions for what is good at that moment. That's why we have to communicate as much as possible.
What is something you learned at Sukiyabashi Jiro?
After two months taste-testing the food at restaurants around Ginza, the most delicious food I found was at Sukiyabashi Jiro. I went in and asked them for a job, but they had no openings at the time. Maybe it was just good timing, but a little while later there was an opening and I started there.

I make use all of the things I learned at Sukiyabashi Jiro, but right now I'm trying to create my own unique style at Sushi Masuda and make lots of customers happy.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameSushi Masuda
鮨 ます田
CuisineJapanese Cuisine
Reservation Contact Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Opening day28th January, 2014
Hours of Operation Lunch: 11:30~14:00
Dinner: 17:00~23:00
Closed Sundays・National holidays
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club)
Service charge-
Children Not permitted
Capacity 12 seats

*Counter : 6 seats

Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Private Rooms Available

*Private room ① available for parties of 6

Private party Available
Smoking Smoking prohibited
Barrier Free No

*Please contact restaurant.

ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Can vehicles be arranged?Yes

*Average price (lunch & dinner): Nigiri sushi from \18,000, Tsumami from \23,000

AddressBC Minami Aoyama Property B1, 5-8-11 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, , Tokyo, 107-0062
Phone Number


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Fax Number


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Access■4 minutes walk from Omote-sando St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza,Chiyoda and Hanzomon lines.
■13 minutes walk from Shibuya St. on the JR Yamanote and Keio Inokashira lines.
LunchNigiri Course ¥18,000
Tsumami Course¥23,000
DinnerNigiri Course ¥18,000
Tsumami Course¥23,000
Available wines

Approx. 20 types

Available sakes


Available whiskies Available

Available beers

Approx. 3 types

Restaurant Interior