The flavours of Paris' 14th arrondissement live on in Asagaya.

La Maison Courtine

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Communicating French espirit through
picturesque cuisine that is both beautiful and dynamic,
This popular French restaurant continues
the traditions of its one-star Parisien namesake.

It's odd to find authentic French cuisine in the alleyways of Tokyo's Asagaya district, but owner-chef Kazuyuki Zento is a culinary master who spent seven years polishing his craft in France.

He worked as a chef at former one-star restaurant La Maison Courtine in Paris, and after receiving permission from its first owner and head chef Yves Charles, opened a restaurant with the same name in 2011 in Tokyo.

During his time at the Courtine in Paris, Zento's speciality was an incredible dish featuring roasted magret du canard with the skin well-coated in coarse grey Guerande salt.

Chef Zento's unique dish is completed with a honey coating and topped with pan-seared foie gras, creating a much richer, more coherent flavouring.

Zento gained his unwavering confidence in the techniques of aging meat after training in Paris at the popular beef restaurant Le Sévero and butcher Régalez-vous.

Although rare for a high-end French restaurant, Le Maison Courtine has its own hanging room, and their meat is carefully selected for use in aging.

Chef Zento particularly wanted to make sure that all meat is "bone-in," but obtaining such meat in Japan proved quite difficult.

Apparently it is only now, three years after opening, that the chef has obtained a stable source. After being properly aged, the beef is served simply, as steaks or sliced, but Zento is very excited about future plans to serve it in pies and Tournedos Rossini style, topped with foie gras.


Chef Profile

Owner Chef/Kazuyuki ZentouKazuyuki Zentou

Born Chiba, 1976. After working at Hakone Kowakien and other establishments, moved to France in 2003.

Gained experience at La Table d'Anvers and the two-star Relais Louis XIII, before working at the one-star La Maison Courtine until rising to become chef. Returned to Japan in 2011 and opened a new La Maison Courtine in Asagaya.



What made you become a chef?
I was quite good at drawing pictures when I was young, and I learned water colour painting in elementary school and oil painting in middle school.

I even took part in a prefectural competition. At the same time, I also really liked to eat, and the incredible colours you find in French cuisine made cooking seem like the perfect job.

I wanted to be a French cuisine chef since elementary school.
What are some memories of your time in France?
I went to France with a one-way plane ticket and without knowing a word of French, but on my second day there I ran into an old co-worker while walking down the Champs-Élysées.

That turned out to be really lucky, because with his help, I got a job at La Table d'Anvers on my 4th day there.

I learned a lot from La Maison Courtine's first owner, Yves Charles. Yves used to say that food can be completely summed up by the phrase, "well seasoned, well cooked." He meant that cuisine is ultimately that simple, and it is important to never forget that.
How did you happen to take over the name?
I was basically captivated by Yves himself, and I really wanted to make use of the name if I could.

Yves retired as chef in 2007 and passed his duties to me so he could launch a table knife company.

Now, the Asagaya location is the only place in the world that still provides the flavours of Courtine when it was still a one-star restaurant.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameLa Maison Courtine
AreaKoenji / Asagaya
Opening day19th September, 2011
Hours of Operation Lunch: From 11:30 (Last order 13:30)
Dinner: From 18:00 (Last order 21:00)
Closed Thursdays・2nd Wednesday
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club, China Unionpay)

Accepted for dinner only

Service charge-
Cover Charge¥500(After 18:00)
Dress Code Enforced

*No sandals, shorts.
Please avoid wearing clothing that is too casual.

Children Permitted

*Elementary school age and older. Inquire regarding younger children.

Facebook page
Twitter Page
Capacity 24 seats

*Parties: 22 seats

Seat area

Sofa seating available

Private Rooms Available

*Private room available for parties from 4 to 8.
For parties of four or more.

Private party Available

Weekdays: 15+ diners; Weekends & holidays: 18+ (together in main dining room)
Per person cost: Cost of course + \200 times the number of people under the number reserved.
*When the number of diners is less than the number the reservation was made, an extra charge will be added to cost per diner, not to the amount owed by the party as a whole.

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Smoking area at the terrace

Parking Unavailable

*Coin parking available nearby.

ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

*Speciality from time at 1-star restaurant in Paris available.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Foreign Language Menu Available


Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available

Please confirm when placing reservation

Halal Food Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Religious Food Restrictions Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Souvenir Handling Available

*Please contact the restaurant by phone to make a reservation.
◆During dinner hours, please settle the bill at your table.
◆Dinner customers must choose a course meal.

Address 3-37-10 Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku,, Tokyo, 166-0004
Phone Number


(Available in English)

Fax Number


(Available in English)

Access2 minutes walk from Asagaya St. on the JR Chuo and Soubu lines.
DinnerCourtine(prix fixe)¥8,250(税込)
Monthly Special Course¥11,000(税込)
Available wines

Approx. 120 types

More than 120 types of wine selected by in-house sommelier.

Available Cocktails Available

Available whiskies

Approx. 1 types

Available beers

Approx. 2 types

Available shochus

Approx. 1 types

Hyakunen no kodoku

Restaurant Interior