Incredible Japanese beef leaves you basking in its aromatic afterglow

teppanyaki ishigakijimakitauchibokujou ginzaten

鉄板焼 石垣島きたうち牧場 銀座店
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Fine quality, high value Japanese beef,
Resplendently grilled at a stylish counter setting.

The tiny door opens into a space perfectly suited to Ginza - roomy, elegant and with a curved counter. There are relaxed semi-private tables available, but the counter seats are the best place to see chef Tsuyoshi Tominaga show off his skills.

Taking the star role on the iron griddle is the chef's favourite - premium beef from Ishigaki Island's Kitauchi Farm. The blood of Tajima cattle, the first "wagyu" breed, still runs strong through the Ishigaki stock, which are carefully raised drinking the pure waters of Ishigaki Island and under its open skies.

The restaurant offers its beef in three different cuts. "Akasango" has the richness of red meat, "shinju" features gorgeous marbling, and the finely textured "kohaku" tenderloin that each head of cattle only provides five kilograms of.

Red Coral

A Savory and fragrant beef loin with invisible marbling ...
The melting temperature of the fat is so low,
that when at room temperature you can't see the marbling
as it has already melted and blended into the red meat.
When cooled at freezing temperature,
the beautiful yet delicate marbling emerges
on this lean and tender meat.


With excellent marbling,
this superior piece of beef loin is in a class of its own when it comes
to taste and texture.
Juicy and aromatic fat blends into tender red meat
Making a one of a kind marbling.
A supreme quality of beef with extra tenderness.


Tenderloin,the smallest part- only 5kg can be harvested from oneheifer.
This part of the beef is never overworked in its lifetime making the
muscle fibers incredibly fine.

Steaks are grilled carefully in order to protect the fine quality of the meat, producing an aroma much different than normal. The melting point of the fat is low, making it very light, and its pure sweetness matches perfectly with the richness of the red meat.

Tominaga has handled a great amount of Japanese beef as a teppanyaki chef, and the result of that experience can be seen in the excellence of the meat sold here.

With Teppanyaki, not only is it fun to watch such high-quality ingredients being grilled, but being surrounded by the smells and chatting with the chef as he works make for a simply perfect meal.

With the basic course, customers receive a total of eight dishes, including the main steak, hors d'oeuvres and salad. Chef Tominaga is also open to requests, and often creates order-made options for his customers.

Originally in French cuisine, the chef's hors d'oeuvres, stove-steamed cocotte dishes, and other items make up a fulfilling menu that goes far beyond the image of teppanyaki. A peek at the wine cellar, which also holds some vintage wines, is enough to raise anyone's spirits.


Chef Profile

Owner Chef/Tsuyoshi TominagaTsuyoshi Tominaga

Born July 12, 1970, Tokyo.
After joining the Hilton and training in hotel restaurant services, began at a high-end French restaurant as a chef.
Polished up his skills at Ginza Crystal, Elysion and other top-class teppanyaki restaurants before opening Paris Yugao in Ginza and becoming its chef 2008. Became chef at teppanyaki restaurant Steak Tominaga, operated by Ishigaki Island Kitauchi Farm, in 2013.



What made you want to become a chef?
My father loved to eat out, so when I was young he took us to a lot of different restaurants. Those were really exciting experiences for a child, so I really liked restaurants.

I think the memory of all the fun I had eating with my family made me choose this kind of work.
What experiences have been helpful?
At the hotel, I was the manager in charge of restaurant service. The service experience I got then has helped me with this counter-style restaurant.

Getting experience in service helped me learn how much fun it can be to interact with customers. That's probably how I ended up in teppanyaki, where you cook everything right in front of the customer.
Do you have a message for your customers?
I take great care to carefully cook meals using only the best ingredients, but I also try hard to help the customer have fun by engaging them in conversation as well.

The best part of teppanyaki is that it is cooked right in front of you, but don't feel shy about having a silly old conversation with the chef as well. Being able to relax as you enjoy a meal is one of the charms of counter dining at a restaurant.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant Nameteppanyaki ishigakijimakitauchibokujou ginzaten
鉄板焼 石垣島きたうち牧場 銀座店
AreaGinza / Yurakucho / Marunouchi / Yaesu
Opening day3rd July, 2013
Hours of Operation 18:00~27:00
Lunch reservations must be made at least one day in advance
Closed Sundays・National holidays
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club)
Service charge10%
Dress Code

*No sandals, shorts

Children Permitted

*Customers with children may be seated at tables except for full restaurant bookings.

Facebook page
Capacity 16 seats

*Tables-8 seats
Counter -8seats

Seat area

Waiting space available

Sofa seating available

Couple's seating available


Private Rooms Available

*Private room ① available for parties of 8



*Enjoy a tranquil dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

Private party Available

*For parties of 6 or more

Private party options


Can bring own

Smoking Smoking prohibited
Parking Unavailable

*Coin parking available nearby.

Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier Bartender
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

Top-quality ingredients

*8 plate course centred on Ishigaki Island Kitauchi Farm premium beef made to order.
*Regarding food quantity
Details will be confirmed at time of reservation.
*Regarding seasoning
Subtle seasonings used.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible
Foreign Language Menu Available


Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available
Souvenir Handling Available

*Original retort curry(premiun beef steak curry) \1500


*Cars can be arranged until 10PM.

AddressGinza Shinyo Bldg 1st Floor, 6-4-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, , Tokyo, 104-0061
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Fax Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access4 minutes walk from Ginza St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza,Marunouchi and Hibiya lines.
Lunch希少な銘柄・美笑牛を味わう【ほほえみランチ】 美笑牛サーロインステーキなど全6品¥5,370(税別)
希少な銘柄・美笑牛と海の幸を味わう本格鉄板焼【はなやぎランチ】 美笑牛ステーキ&海の幸など全8品¥7,500(税別)
Lunch:Customers can choose Red Coral, Pearl, or Amber for their premium beef in the main dish.¥12,000(税別)
DinnerDinner:Customers can choose Red Coral, Pearl, or Amber for their premium beef in the main dish.¥18,000(税別)
Available wines

Approx. 60 types

60- types of Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Californian, and vintage wines.

Available sakes

Approx. 1 types

Select rare daiginjo sakes

Available Cocktails Available

Available whiskies

Approx. 7 types

Available beers

Approx. 2 types

Draft beer (Suntory premium malt's)
Main domestic brands provided in small bottles.

Available shochus

Approx. 3 types

Valuable Awamori Liquor 「Awanami」.
Premium shochu 「Moriizo」.

Drink Carry-out Permitted

* \3000 per bottle (before tax)

Wine Pol Roger Brut Reserve ¥2,800
Egly Ouriet Blanc de Noirs ¥3,000
Cuvee des Enchanteleurs Henriot ¥2,800
Cuvee Louise ¥3,000
Dom perignon ¥3,000
Don Ruinart ¥800
Bruno Paillard Le Mesnil ¥700
Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill ¥600
Salon S Le Mesnil ¥1,200
Dom perignon P2 ¥1,800
Wine Blanc Puligny Montrachet Cailleret 【Vincent Girardin】 ¥800
Meursault Perrieres 【Vincent Girardin】 ¥3,000
Puligny Montrachet Perrieres Etianne Sauzet ¥800
Morey Saint Denis Mont Luisants Dujac ¥2,000
Meursault Boucheres Comtes Lafon ¥18,000
Corton Charlemagne Bonneau Du Martray ¥33,000
Meursault Coche Dury ¥35,000
Ch Couhins ¥37,000
Ch Carbonnieux ¥55,000
Ch de Fieuzal ¥55,000
Ch Pape Clement ¥56,000
Ch Laville Haut Brion ¥60,000
Mambourg ¥80,000
Wine Rouge Santenay Muzard ¥100,000
Morey Saint Denis Domaine de Lambrays ¥15,000
Geverey Chambertin Les Corbeaux VV Denis Bachelet ¥22,000
Volnay Clos des Ducs ¥24,000
Geverey Chambertin Mortet Denis Morte ¥45,000
Chambolle Musigny Combe d Orveaux Perrot Minot ¥52,000
Vosne Romanee Chaumes Meo Camuzet ¥9,000
Charmes Chambertin Frederic Magnien ¥27,000
Bonnes Mares Gerard Peirazeau ¥33,000
Clos Saint Denis Lucien le Moine ¥62,000
Corton Pougets ¥20,000
Clos de Beze Drouhin laroze ¥20,000
Clos des Lambrays Lambray ¥23,000
Ch Troplong Mondot ¥25,000
Ch Cos d Estournel ¥26,000
Barbaresco Asi ¥22,000
Almaviva ¥15,000
ロングシャドウ 各種 ¥11,000
ケンゾーエステート各種 ¥14,000
2007 Nuits-Saint-Georges Vignes Rondes (Daniel Rion) ¥20,000
1996 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Combe d’Orveaux (Perrot Minot) ¥42,000
2000 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Amoureuses (Robert GROFFIER) ¥72,000
2004 Corton Clos Rognet (Meo Camuzet) ¥42,000
1997 Bonnes Mares (Herve Roumier) ¥43,000
1993 Bonnes Mares (Gerard Peirazeau ) ¥45,000
2012 Clos de Vougeot (Philippe Charlopin ) ¥45,000
2006 Clos Saint Denis (LUCIEN LE MOINE ) ¥48,000
2013 Clos Saint Denis (Dujac) ¥58,000
1989 Clos de Tart ( Mommessin) ¥90,000
1989 Chateau Cos d‘Estournel ¥59,000
2008 Le Petie Mouton ¥43,000
1985 Chateau Mouton Rothschild ¥110,000
1997 Chateau Lafite Rothchild ¥220,000
2004 Chateau Branaire Ducru ¥20,000
1995 Ch. Leoville Poyferre ¥37,000
1997 Chateau Leoville Barton ¥42,000
1994 Chateau Leoville Las Cases ¥52,000
1982 Chateau Leoville Barton ¥70,000
2004 Ch. Palmer ¥65,000
1975 Chateau Figeac ¥59,000
1985 Chateau Gazin ¥43,000
1988 Chateau La Fleur de Gay ¥43,000
1993 Chateauneuf du Pape (Nerthe) ¥20,000
1989 Cornas (Chapoutier) ¥26,000
1999 Cote Rotie (Rene Rostaing) ¥28,000
1989 Châteauneuf du Pape Barbe Rac (Chapoutier) ¥33,000
1997 Hermitage La Chapelle (Paul Jaboulet) ¥38,000
2011 Brunello di Montalcino (Mastrojanni) ¥15,000
2011 ALMAVIVA ¥35,000
2013 Pedestal Merlot Long Shadows ¥18,000
2013 Feather Cabernet sauvignon Long Shadows ¥18,000
2013 Saggi Long Shadows ¥18,000
asatsuyu(朝露) ¥29,000
2013 ai(藍) ¥58,000
2013 murasaki(紫) ¥58,000

Restaurant Interior

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