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SPICE cafe

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This curry café in an old home
in Tokyo's Shitamachi area is never empty.
Open your eyes to the profound flavours of spiced cuisine
through their course-based menu.

Spice Café is located near the Jikken Bridge - a place with an excellent view of the Tokyo Skytree, and the 50-year-old wooden building housing the café is visited by food connoisseurs daily.

On offer is the spiced cuisine of world-traveller, owner and chef Kazushiro Ito. Of all the items on his menu, he is particularly well known for his excellent curries based in the cuisine of Southern India.

In contrast to thick North Indian curries, thinner, South Indian curries are an excellent match with rice - the staple food of the area. With an abundance of vegetables and beans, they are lower in fat and much easier to digest.

Ito offer course meals centred on the curries he learned in Southern India, but he also offers a great selection of other dishes that thoroughly satisfy his guests.

Course options are essentially fixed. If guests choose the vegetable platter, they enjoy a number of spiced dishes such as cumin-flavoured carrot salad or roast black caraway potatoes. For the main dish, diners can choose from among four standard curries available or two daily curries.

Guests become immersed in a multi-layered aroma of fresh spices.

Diners who have the room for it should order a side of biryani. Richly aromatic, high-quality basmati rice is topped with a variety of ingredients and then flavoured with saffron and other spices and steamed.

The dish is often eaten at weddings and other ceremonies in India, and the mellow aroma is one for diners to enjoy. However, it takes more than 30 minutes to cook, so guests should place their order soon after arriving.


Chef Profile

Owner Chef/Kazushiro ItoKazushiro Ito

Born Tokyo, 1970.
In 1996, began a three-and-a-half-year-long trip around the world to visit 48 countries. Worked in an Italian restaurant for a year after returning to learn about the restaurant business.

Later trained in an Indian restaurant for two years and a Sri Lankan restaurant for one year before opening Spice Café in 2003.



How did you get into spiced cuisine?
I worked at a company for four years before quitting and taking a trip around the world. During that trip I tasted many types of food, learned many things, and found that most countries use spices in their food. I found that really appealing. South Indian food was particularly impressive to me. I decided to become a chef around the time I came back to Japan.
What's the difference between North and South Indian curries?
North Indian cuisine uses a lot of dairy products like ghee (clarified butter) which are also used in the main types of curry. They are thick and rich and can be eaten on top of naan.

However, the staple food in South India is rice. They use coconut milk more than dairy, and the curries are generally smoother and eaten with rice.
How do you pair dishes with wine?
Actually, I'm still working that out. I close the restaurant every February for a month and I go overseas to study.

Right now I want to go to London. They have six Michelin-star Indian restaurants there, and people are trying out new Indian cuisine that include wine selections. I hope to eventually get the chance to work in one of those restaurants and learn from them.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameSPICE cafe
CuisineOther Cuisines
Opening day26th November, 2003
Hours of Operation
Dinner: From 18:00 (Last order 21:00)
Closed Mondays・Tuesdays
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex)
Service charge-
Children Permitted
Twitter Page
Capacity 18 seats

*Parties: 30 seats, up to 35 standing.
Counter: 3 seats

Seat area

Sofa seating available

Smoking Smoking prohibited
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible
Foreign Language Menu Available


Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available


Souvenir Handling Available

*A variety of spices.


*During dinner hours, please settle the bill at your table.

Address 1-6-10 Bunka, Sumida-ku, , Tokyo, 131-0044
Phone Number


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Fax Number


(Available in English)

Access■8 minutes walk from Oshiage St. on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon,Toei Asakusa,Keisei Oshiage and Tobu Isesaki lines.
■9 minutes walk from Omurai St. on the Tobu kameido line.
Plan DetailsWEBでのご予約は4,000円(税込)以上の特別コースのみとなります。
Price (Per Person)¥5,000(excluding tax)
Maximum party size

16 people

period of offering

13th May, 201615th August, 2022



Plan Details5,000円(税別)おまかせコース(スパイスを楽しむ7つの皿)のみのご用意となっております。事前に苦手な食材、アレルギー等をお知らせください。メニューは月ごとに変更されます。誕生日等の記念日でご利用される場合、デザートのお皿にメッセージを添えさせていただきます。ご利用の場合はメッセージ内容を添えてください。2018年1月より土・日の営業は17:00〜とさせていただきます。
Price (Per Person)¥5,000(excluding tax)
Maximum party size

16 people

period of offering

1st January, 20183rd October, 2020

DinnerTasting Curry Course¥5,000(excluding tax)
Available wines

Red and white, available by the bottle or glass.

Available whiskies Available

Available beers Available

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