Enjoying the flavor of the season changing with Japanese cuisine and Sake

nihonryouri kinari (ニホンリョウリ キナリ)

日本料理 僖成
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In the ground of a famous temple A fine space designed by Kuma Kengo
Invited by the seasonal ingredients The world of Tradition and innovation

Right beside the Gaien-mae station, "Kurayami-zaka Miyashita Aoyama" welcomes you gracefully with the small pathway and tiny garden surrounded by black bamboos.

The restaurant, placed in a historical place such as the ground of a temple, and designed by an internationally famous architect Kuma Kengo is absolutely extraordinary yet comforting one of a kind space.

They promise you with a private room made with paulownia wood.

They give you a traditional Japanese feeling, with a modern taste. Led from the atmosphere, the decent traditional yet modern food keeps on fascinating many people.

They create a seasonal dish, with ingredients from Miyagi, Kochi and Shimane basically using Japanese cooking technique.

The course starts with appetizers, soup and sashimi, and ends with rice and dessert. Each and every dish are impressive while it creates a smooth melody.

The carefully chosen ingredient, flavored delicately and simply, will let you taste the umami to the height.

Their casual lunch is popular amongst young woman.

They also put much effort into serving good sake which enhances the food. Starting from seasonal sake, they also carry the rare "Shizuku" and "Nizaemon" from the Kokuryu brewery.

They also carry wine and other alcohol for you to enjoy depending on the meal.


Chef Profile

Chef/Dai IgarashiDai Igarashi

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, 1976, September 2.
After graduating from Oda cooking school, he has cooked at "Hotel Rich Yokohama" for 6 years.
After so, he cooked at Japanese style restaurants for 10 years. From March 2016, he has been cooking at "nihonryouri kinari".



Why did you decide to become a chef?
When I was in elementary school, I started cooking with mom and I soon came to realize how exciting it is while assisting her. I remember writing "I want to become a chef" in my year book in elemetary school.
I made up my mind in3rd grade of high school when I had to decide what to do with my life.
Why did you become a Japanese cuisine chef?
When I first started to learn cooking I wanted to become a French or Italian chef, but I randomly started my part time job at a Japanese food restaurant and I was fascinated by the Japanese cuisine that I decided to become a Japanese chef.
What do you do on your off duty days?
I usually play with my dog, or take him to trimmimg and bcut his nails. It' svery theraputic.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant Namenihonryouri kinari
日本料理 僖成
AreaOmotesando / Aoyama
Opening day5th July, 2004
Hours of Operation Lunch:12:00~15:00(L.O. 14:00)
Dinner:18:00~23:00(L.O 21:00)
Closed Sundays and holidays
Service charge10% for dinner time
Children Not permitted
Capacity 28 seats
Seat area

Sunken tables available

Private Rooms

*One 6 people seating room
Four 4 people seating room

Smoking Separate smoking area

*Only in private rooms

Barrier Free Yes
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeHeavy

Top-quality ingredients

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible
Souvenir Handling Available

*Sweet beans jelly(tea)

AddressBY-CUBE 1F 2-24-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
Access1 minutes walk from Gaien-mae St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line.
LunchKakoi bento¥3,000(税別)
Lunch course¥6,000(税別)
Available wines

Approx. 15 types

Available sakes

Approx. 30 types

Available whiskies

Approx. 5 types

Available beers

Approx. 6 types

Available shochus

Approx. 8 types

Drink Carry-out Permitted

Restaurant Interior