A Tokyo brasserie carrying on the traditions of Paris

Brasserie VIRON

Brasserie VIRON
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Reproducing an age
when France was the beating heart of culture.

This is the world of Brasserie Viron
- a place that weaves a classical atmosphere with traditional cuisine.

Across the road from Tokyu Department Store’s main location in Shibuya stands a boulangerie reminiscent of Paris, and on the second floor is Brasserie Viron.

Climb the stairs within the restaurant, and walk back in time to the Paris of old.

Lighting imported from France, railings that reflect a time long past, and the bar with its tin countertop all come together with the red and white accented interior to produce a nostalgic atmosphere suggesting the restaurant has been here for generations.

This is where you can enjoy classic, brasserie cuisine, a perfect example of which is the choucroute, a local dish from Alsace.

Slightly-acidic pickled cabbage is combined with rich sausage and pork stewed to tender perfection, whetting the appetite and leaving you wanting for more.

The aroma of cumin is well matched with a fruity Alsace white wine.

People are always impressed when the big iron pan is brought to their table. The waiter dishes out portions to each diner, dressing the fish and adding sauce right there in front of you. You will find yourself naturally falling into conversation with your waiter as you watch your meal being completed.

That laid-back feel is perhaps the best part of visiting a brasserie. With such classic French dishes as carottes râpées and cassoulet, diners experience a faithful reproduction of traditional flavour.

Since it opened, the restaurant has continued to operate under the concept of “Bringing France to Tokyo.”

Serving size and presentation are just like you’d find in France, and every dish leaves a strong impression.

The French whole roast chicken in the photo here is perfect for two or three people.

It is great to share a few dishes with friends, but it is also wonderful to get an hors d'oeuvre and entrée on one’s own, and enjoy it with a glass of champagne or red wine.


Chef Profile

Brasserie chef/Kazuya SaitouKazuya Saitou

Born in Tokyo, 1980.
Graduated from Cuisine Nishi-Tokyo College.
After training at Dada, a nouvelle Japanese restaurant in Gaienmae, became a sous-chef at Le Vent de Vert in Kunitachi. Began working for Le Style Co. at the age of 24, and has worked at Brasserie Viron in Shibuya since around the time it opened. Became chef after six years.



How did you become interested in cooking?
When I was in high school, I often had to eat alone. I’d try to make something like fried rice from scratch, but it didn’t taste good at all. That’s when I start thinking about making something that tasted better, and I became interested in cooking.

My father had also worked as a cook, so that probably influenced me as well.
What do you want to do in the future?
We’ve been open for 10 years so we got new dishware. The dishes used to have a red theme, but now the lettering is in black.

Right now we’re aiming for a different style, where a table of four can share three or four hors d'oeuvres but each will order their own entrée. Because servings are quite big, customers often have their hors d'oeuvres and then say they don’t want an entrée, particularly with female diners. So we think it will be good to try this new style of dining.

I’m less about dainty and more about generous dishes, and I hope to keep making food that makes people happy.
What was your most difficult experience so far?
I had a really hard time thinking up a menu when I became chef. I really worried about what the essence of our cuisine was. It needed to be both classic and modern at the same time, but through lots of trial and error, I was able to give shape to my vision for Viron.

It’s not perfect yet, but I’m really proud of my cheek meat stew. I know I’m bragging here, but it’s truly delicious. We continue to top it up, like we’re making Japanese-style sauce, and now I think it’s probably our best dish. Come and try it someday.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameBrasserie VIRON
Brasserie VIRON
CuisineFrench Cuisine
Reservation Contact Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Opening day18th June, 2003
Hours of Operation Morning:From 9:00 (Last order 11:00)
Lunch: From 12:00 (Last order 14:00)
Cafe: From 15:00 (Last order 17:00)
Dinner: From 19:00 (Last order 22:30)
Closed Irregular Holidays
Service charge10% - at tables only.
Children Permitted
Capacity 54 seats
Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Private Rooms Available

*Semi-private tables available for parties of 4

Private party Available
Private party options

Can bring own

Smoking Separate smoking area
Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier Bartender
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

Specialty Cuisine

Top-quality ingredients

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Foreign Language Menu Available


Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available

*Depends on time of day. Please contact restaurant ahead of time.

Halal Food Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Religious Food Restrictions Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Address 33‐8, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku,  , Tokyo, 150-0042
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Fax Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access■10 minutes walk from Shibuya St. on the JR Yamanote and Keio Inokashira lines.
DinnerBanquet VIRON 【大人気のブラッスリーVIRONで皆様だけの特別な会食をご用意します♪ 8名様からのご利用となります。】¥6,000(税別)
Available wines

Approx. 80 types

Available Cocktails

Approx. 10 types

Available whiskies

Approx. 10 types

Available beers

Approx. 5 types

Drink Carry-out Permitted

*Corkage fee applied.
\3200 per bottle

White Wine Saint-Véran Cuvée Prestige 2012 ¥900
VIN BLANV【白ワイン】*グラス Riesling 2014 / TRIMBACH ¥1,100
VIN BLANC 【白ワイン】*グラス Pouilly Fume 2015 / PASCAL JOLIVET ¥1,300
Red Wine Gevrey Chambertin 2011 ¥900
Chateau Cantenac Brown 2004 ¥1,200
VIN ROUGE 【赤ワイン】*グラス Le Haut Medoc de Giscour 2011 ¥1,300

Restaurant Interior