This hidden bistro crafts gastronomical delights with fresh ingredients straight from the farm


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Nestled in a back alley of Naka-Meguro
A renovated kominka provides a comfortable setting

Savor the cuisine of an exceptional chef

Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the Ravel ballet piece, Boléro. A gentle, steady rhythm intensifies with a simple repeating melody finally culminating in a grand crescendo.

Inspired by its namesake, this restaurant seeks to unite producers, staff, and customers in a joyous harmony.

The stage on which the performance takes place is a cozy cafe within a renovated traditional Japanese-style house.

The first floor is an open kitchen complete with counter space and private rooms. The second floor provides seated tables created from materials repurposed from the traditional home.

To get the full dining experience, make sure to reserve a spot at the "chef's counter."

Hiromi Ichikawa's skills have earned him a number of Bib Gourmand awards from the Michelin Guide.

Fresh ingredients are sent directly from trusted farmers all over the country, including mozzarella from Iwate's Mitani Ranch and Kirishima black pork from Miyagi, all converging with inspiration to create superb dishes.

Simple techniques and an adventurous spirit result in a menu that leave diners perfectly satisfied.

They are also committed to offering wines that enhance the taste of every dish.

Sommelier has brought together a selection of approximately 80 wines centered on France. Customers can also order by the glass from three types of red and white wines.

That's yet another aspect to enjoy - choosing an excellent wine that pairs perfectly with your meal.


Chef Profile

Chef/ Hiromi Ichikawa一川洋海

Born Kumamoto 1974.
Worked for about 15 years at Hotel Castle before coming to Tokyo.

After honing his skills at Bistro En Ballon in Nishi-Azabu, became chef at Bistro Bolero in June of 2015.

Was named Bib Gourmand by Michelin in 2013 and 2014.



What made you want to become a chef?
I've thought about becoming a chef since I was young. All the part time jobs I did while I was a student involved restaurants. I'm a total foodie, and have always cooked on my own at home.
How did you improve your skills?
I was taught basic techniques at a hotel in Kumamoto, and that's where I really started to learn how to cook. Whenever I had a little free time, I went to French restaurants and trained my palate to remember different tastes. It's a hobby for me, too, so I still go out a lot.
What is ingredients does your bistro offer that can't be found elsewhere?
The Golden Mozzarella from Iwate Prefecture's Mitani Ranch is rich and delicious. They raise Jersey cows, and make the cheese from freshly drawn milk. Many people who eat it here become big fans.

Restaurant Info

CuisineFrench Cuisine
Opening day6th June, 2015
Hours of Operation Lunch:11:30~15:00 (L.O. 15:00)
Dinner:18:00~23:30 (L.O. 22:30)
Closed Wednesday
※Chartered it will also accept regular holiday. Please feel free to inquire.
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club, China Unionpay)
Service charge-
Cover ChargeDinner \300
Children Not permitted

*Children 0-6 years of age we recommend private room.

Facebook pageéroビストロ-ボレロ-938702956172134/
Twitter Page
Capacity 45 seats
Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Private Rooms Available

*Private room ① available for parties of 8

Private party Available

*Parties: 40 seats, up to 60 standing.
*For parties of 25 or more

Private party options

microphone・audio equipment

Can bring own

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Private room only.

Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeHeavy

Top-quality ingredients

*The chef uses his imagination to create new dishes every day, using ingredients sent directly from farmers all over the country.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible

Address 2-47-11 Kami-Meguro,Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0051
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access■7 minutes walk from Naka-meguro St. on the Tokyu Toyoko Line.
LunchDejune B¥2,500(including tax)
Dejune Special¥3,000(including tax)
Dejune A¥3,500(including tax)
DinnerChef Rely course¥5,000(including tax)
Free drink with Chef Rely course¥8,000(including tax)
Share course¥5,000(including tax)
Available wines

Approx. 150 types

Available beers

Approx. 1 types

Drink Carry-out Permitted
赤ワイン ソムリエセレクトグラスワイン赤 ¥850
白ワイン ソムリエセレクトグラスワイン白 ¥850
ビール プレミアムモルツ ¥800

Restaurant Interior