Ginza's most beloved Cantonese restaurant for more than 30 years.

Ginza RO-LAN

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Utilizing irresistably luxurious ingredients,
continuing more than 30 years of tradition

while always looking for unique, new flavours.

Loulan - an ancient kingdom that once sat astride the legendary Silk Road.

Ginza Ro-lan takes its name from that kingdom, and since opening in 1982, it has become famous for its Cantonese cuisine, attracting a great number of regular customers - including author Shotaro Ikenami.

The interior walls of the restaurant are decorated with stone sculptures that replicate cave paintings found along the Silk Road, creating an atmosphere that constantly evokes a sense of that historical highway.

China may have 4000 years of culinary history, but even in China, the Guangzhou (Canton) area, is known for its food, and Cantonese cuisine is well-suited to the Japanese palate.

The menu has a great variety with more than 150 different dishes, from high-class fare such as shark fin steak, bird's nest soup, abalone and sea cucumber, to the popular "five-ingredient fried noodles".

Kunihisa Okiyama explains their objective, "For more than 30 years, each successive chef as tried to protect the traditional flavours, and search for new unique flavours at the same time."

Regulars who visit two or three times a week are treated to different dishes each time, with careful attention paid to their preferences. Careful attention to detail is of the utmost importance here.

They are very passionate about living up to their guest's expectations, which is why they are always looking to produce new, off-menu dishes.

They are flexible in how they cook, adding changes where they can with Japanese ingredients like kombu, or adding blueberry liquor to give a dish a certain aroma.

They also hold a food fair with a different theme each month. The unveiling of the newest menu is always a highly anticipated event.


Chef Profile

Kunihisa OkiyamaKunihisa Okiyama

Born in Tokyo, 1969.
Started cooking at 18. Started at the Hotel Pacific Tokyo in 1989, and was assigned to Ginza Ro-lan as a cook. Was a member of the opening staff for the Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba, then returned to Ginza Ro-lan in 2006. Was made chef in April 2013.



What is special about your ingredients?
One of the things we're most proud of is that we use lots of fresh, luxurious ingredients like shark fin, abalone, and spiny lobster. This is Chinese cuisine, and we do our best to cook and season it in a way that harnesses the true flavours of our ingredients.

With dishes like our salmon fried rice, which we top with salmon roe from Hokkaido, we hope our guests will enjoy the irresistability of the ingredients we use.
What do you aim for with your food?
For our regular customers who come two or three times a week, we serve them dishes that aren't on the menu. We can't give them the same thing every time, so we try to understand their preferences, and come up with something new every time.

Luckily, there are an uncountable number of dishes in Cantonese cuisine. With small changes, we can make an infinite array of food.
How did you come up with your speciality dishes?
I often eat out at restaurants that don't serve Chinese cuisine on my days off, but I'm always thinking about how to use their ingredients and methods to make Chinese food.

That's where the idea for shark fin steak came from. We take a tender, stewed shark fin then fry it in a wok and give the surface of the shark fin steak a spicy flair.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameGinza RO-LAN
CuisineChinese Cuisine
Opening day1st July, 1982
Hours of Operation Lunch:11:00~16:30
Dinner:From 17:00 (Last order 21:00)
Closed Follows Ginza Core Bldg. holiday sched.
(12/31・1/1)(Twice a year for regulatory inspections at the Ginza Core Bldg.)
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club, China Unionpay)
Service charge10%
Cover ChargeRoom charge added for private room (\3,000~)
Dress Code

*No sandals, shorts
Please avoid wearing clothing that is too casual.

Children Permitted

*In consideration of other diners, we encourage customers dining with children to make use of our private rooms.

Capacity 114 seats
Private Rooms Available

*・Hiten- VIP room available for parties of 12
・Ryoun available for parties of 12
・Saiun、Shouun、Zuiun、Kinun available for parties of 8
Private room available for parties from 8 to 60.

Private party Available
Private party options


microphone・audio equipment

Can bring own

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Smoking allowed in private rooms.
Smoking area located on same floor in the building.

Parking Available

*Customers may use parking service at Ginza Core Bldg.
1 hour free parking for purchases over \5,000

ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeLight

Top-quality ingredients

*These are flavours you've never experience before. This is genuine Cantonese cuisine, and the chef serves only the best of the best. Enjoy a variety of flavours made from select ingredients in the sophisticated Ginza atmosphere.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Children's Menu

*Menu for younger elementary school children available.

Vegetarian Possible

*Let us know your requirements when making your reservation, and we will try our best to handle your request.

Foreign Language Menu Available


Religious Food Restrictions Possible

*Please contact us beforehand so we can determine whether or not we can accommodate your needs.

Souvenir Handling Available

*Packaged, hand-made dim sum meat buns, bean buns, etc. available.

AddressGinza Core Bldg. 10th Floor, 5-8-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
Access1 minutes walk from Ginza St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza, Marunouchi and Hibiya lines.
LunchSoubai (宋梅)¥5,300(税込)
Tousui (翠桃)¥7,300(税込)
Saikou (彩虹)¥10,000(税込)
Saihou (彩凰)¥15,000(税込)
Party Plan \10,000 ( including all you can drink )¥10,000(税込)
Party Plan \13,000 ( including all you can drink )¥13,000(税込)
Party Plan \15,000 ( including all you can drink )¥15,000(税込)
DinnerSaikou (彩虹)¥10,000(税込)
Saihou (彩凰)¥15,000(税込)
Party Plan \10,000 ( including all you can drink )¥10,000(税込)
Party Plan \13,000 ( including all you can drink )¥13,000(税込)
Party Plan \15,000 ( including all you can drink )¥15,000(税込)
Available wines

Approx. 10 types

Wine selection chosen by hotel sommelier.

Available sakes

Approx. 5 types

Available Cocktails

Approx. 10 types

Available whiskies

Approx. 5 types

Available beers

Approx. 7 types

Available shochus

Approx. 6 types

Available shaoxing wines

Approx. 10 types

A number of popular Shaoxing wines are available.

Drink Carry-out Permitted

* \3,000 per bottle

Shaoxing wine Ro-Lan original Shaoxing wine -10 years old-. ¥7,000
Shaoxing wine -8 years old-(360ml) ¥3,800

Restaurant Interior

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