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Find true bacaro culture
aimed at the sophisticated diner

Barababao is an Italian restaurant modelled in the style of a bacaro, a type of wine bar unique to Venice. Situated in a building looking over Ginza’s Chuo Dori, even the entrance is designed to resemble an old family establishment.

Pots hang from the ceiling and antipastos cover the counter bar. Further in, the dining area opens up into a bright space, allowing diners to look over Ginza as they enjoy an elegant meal.

Each section is designed to meet the needs of different diners.

The chefs, trained in Venetian bacaros, also offer a broad selection of side dishes called “cicchetti.”

One of Venice’s most famous dishes is salted cod paste, and here you can try it atop polenta, a traditional Northern Italian dish made with corn meal.

Its creamy, moist texture is made possible by the great amount of preparation and hard work that goes into making it.

It radiates a sense of flavourful nostalgia.

Another regional dish is the bigoli in anchovy and onion sauce. The hand-crafted bigoli pasta is made with whole wheat flour using a Torchio hand-press pasta maker - a device invented over 200 years ago.

The rough-cut texture allows the sauce to better coat the pasta.

The sauce brings out the saltiness of the anchovy and the sweetness of the onion to produce a unique, lively flavour.

Sweets include nicolotta, a treat that has been popular in Venice for generations. This simple, traditional dessert is made by dipping bread in milk and then thoroughly baking it at a low temperature.

The mellow texture of the nicolotta, partnered with the dried grappa-soaked grapes contained within, will almost certainly inspire you to call for another glass of wine.


Chef Profile

Daisuke YamazakiDaisuke Yamazaki

Born in 1976.
Graduated from Hattori Nutrition College. Worked in a number of restaurants in Venice before winning a cooking competition held by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Later fell in love with the cuisine of Apulia, and began working at Antichi Sapori in Montegrosso. Took on current position after working as head chef at Shinjuku’s Il Barcalo. Also serves as head chef at Antichi Sapori in Hiroo.



What do you want to do in the future?
I want Venetian food to become more popular in Japan. Japanese people still lump all Italian food together as a single cuisine, but I want people to realize that each region has its own delicious flavours.

For example, in Tuscany, food made in areas near the mountains tastes different than food from near the sea, and all the ingredients are different. That’s why feel it’s important to not get too creative with recipes, because we need to pass the traditional flavours on to the next generation. This is something I firmly believe.
What customer left the biggest impression on you so far?
When I was still training in Italy, the president of Ferrari came into the restaurant. At the time there still weren’t many Japanese people in Italy, so he frequently called me to his table. Because I was a Japanese person making Italian cuisine.
What was the most difficult thing you've ever done?
Language. I went to Italy without knowing anything. I knew cooking terminology, but I had no idea how to carry on a regular conversation. I had to look up words in my electronic dictionary as I spoke to people, but over time I gradually began to be able to speak.

I think it was good that I couldn’t speak any English. I had no knowledge of any other language, so it was easier for me to remember.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameBARABABAO
CuisineItalian Cuisine
Opening day16th April, 2010
Hours of Operation 【Weekdays】
Lunch: From 11:30 (Last order 14:30)
Dinner: From 17:30 (Last order 21:30)
【 weekends and holidays】
※Open all day on weekends and holidays.
Closed Follows GINZA TRECIOUS holiday sched.
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club)
Service charge-
Children Permitted

*Children welcome

Capacity 64 seats
Seat area

Waiting space available

Counter seating avalible

*Counter seating: Standing

Private Rooms Available

*■Floor A■
・For parties of 20.
・Prices include food, drink and room fees. (tax included)
・Minimum charge per person ¥5,000
・【Fridays/Days before holidays】 ¥100,000~
・【Mondays, Tuesdays on weekdays】 ¥70,000~
・【Wednesdays, Thursdays on weekdays】 \85,000~

■Floor B■
・For parties of 50.
・Prices include food, drink and room fees. (tax included)
・Minimum charge per person ¥5,000
・【Fridays/Days before holidays】 ¥300,000~
・【Mondays, Tuesdays on weekdays】 ¥150,000~
・【Wednesdays, Thursdays on weekdays・weekends and holidays】 \180,000~


Excellent view at night

View from upper floor

*Evening view of Ginza Chuo Dori

Private party Available

*■Parties: 84 seats, up to 60~130 standing.
■Corkage fee applied.

■Prices include food, drink and room fees.
【Fridays/Days before holidays】
:from ¥420,000. (tax included)
【Mondays to Thursdays on weekdays/ Weekends and holidays】
: from ¥350,000 (tax included)
※Please contact the restaurant by phone for the cancellation.

Private party options


microphone・audio equipment


Can bring own

Smoking Smoking prohibited

*Smoking area inside restaurant.

Parking Available

*30 cars(Shared parking)
Customers may use parking service at GINZA TRECIOUS.(toll parking lot)

Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeHeavy

Specialty Cuisine

Top-quality ingredients


*An Italian restaurant modelled in the style of a bacaro, a type of wine bar unique to Venice.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Children's Menu

*Can modify dishes to child's taste.
Also have dishes popular among children.

Vegetarian Possible

*Please inquire to order ahead of time.

Foreign Language Menu Available

*English, Italian

Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available

*English, Italian

Halal Food Possible

*Please inquire to order ahead of time.

AddressGinza Trecious 9th Floor, 2-6-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, , Tokyo, 104-0061
Access■1 minutes walk from Ginza-itchome St. on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line. 
■5 minutes walk from Ginza St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza, Marunouchi and Hibiya lines. 
■5 minutes walk from Yurakucho St. on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya, JR lines. 
LunchPasta set【pasta・salad・coffee】¥1,040(including tax)
Soup set【soup・bread・coffee】¥1,140(including tax)
Healthy salad set【salad・bread ・coffee】¥1,240(including tax)
Chef's Recommended Course【antipasto・pasta・dessert・coffee】¥1,950(including tax)
Venetian special course【antipasto・pasta・fish or meat・dessert・coffee】¥2,900(including tax)
Available wines

Approx. 120 types

Wine shipped directly from wineries in Italy
Our sommeliers select the best wines after repeated tastings once the wines are imported.

Available Cocktails

Approx. 3 types

We offer Venetian spritz, a cocktail of wine, mineral water, and liqueur.

Available beers

Approx. 2 types

Non-alcoholic beer

Drink Carry-out Permitted

*Corkage fee applied.

Red wine / White wine/ beer / その他 "The All-you-can-drink Plus course" (Same as the dinner course. 120 miniutes) ¥2,250
Cocktail Venetian cocktails『Spriz』 ¥530
Champagne The classic Venetian aperatif『Prosecco Frizzante』(Bottle) ¥3,580
Red Wine/ White Wine Wine shipped directly from wineries in Italy. 『Red wine・White wine of Sommelier's selection (bottle)』 ¥2,910
Red Wine The wine that listens to Mozart [a University of Florence project] (Bottle) ¥3,240
The "King of Wines"『Barolo』(Bottle) ¥8,570

Restaurant Interior