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Watch over this kitchen,
transformed into food's greatest stage,
witness the pursuit of inexhaustible beauty.
Experience a new age in Japanese cuisine.

Chef Yoshihisa Akiyama leads the team here at Mutsukari in breaking new ground in Japanese cuisine through flexible, versatile thinking.

Fully-open kitchens like the one here are rare even in other countries, but diners can watch as all of the chefs put their heart into the food they make.

They move like dancers on a stage, and Akiyama describes it as "super cooking...almost like kabuki."

From putting on the final touches to washing the dishes, everything can be seen, and in every act, beauty is demanded. Akiyama believes that the ideal kitchen is one in which chefs always knows they are being watched, because that tension drives them to greater heights.

And customers witness the passion of that dance as they eat.

The food served on this impressive stage is full of surprises.

The idea is for customers to experience each meal with all of the senses, and one dish that embodies that idea is the seasonal jelly, which is not only a pleasure to look at - flavour, aroma and texture all change with every bite.

The design of the serving plates and the interior itself are also considered very important - necessary elements of producing a moment of dining bliss.

Akiyama even aims to accentuate the beauty of his guests. The Ishigaki beef sukiyaki is served with a garnish of hardened egg yolk - a smart way to avoid having to beat an egg at the table.

Ponzu sauce is gelatinized, soy sauce is offered in mousse form - everything is expressed using an aesthetic of beauty that is beyond the norm, allowing guests to even be satisfied with how their plates look when they finish eating.

This is what gourmet dining truly should be about.


Chef Profile

Chef/Yoshihisa AkiyamaYoshihisa Akiyama

Born Ibaraki, 1974.
Trained at Suzuki near Gakugei University for ten years, before moving to Gesshinkyo to learn Buddhist cuisine. Became chef at Mutsukari at 34. Was invited to the World Gourmet Summit 2011.

Joined the Japanese Cuisine School Lunch Organization in 2014.



Where do you get your cooking inspiration?
Whenever I go out shopping I keep my eyes on displays. I also flip through a lot of women's magazines to get an idea of what women are looking for.

I use that information and those visuals as input, then I filter it all through my own head until I get a new dish as output.
Where do you look for ingredients?
I live near Tsukiji so I stop by there on my way to work almost every day and find out what's happening. Also, when I have time, I travel around Japan and look at what kinds of food is made in different areas so I can get an idea about different produce and seasonings.

This is the sort of information you can't get from the internet - you have to actually go out and talk to people face to face.
Are you doing anything to make Japanese cuisine more popular?
I would like to put an effort into that. It's important to show the world why it is good, but we also have to communicate why Japanese cuisine is so excellent to the next generation of Japanese children.

I joined the Japanese Cuisine School Lunch Organization in 2014, and there we work with nutritionists to come up with new ways to introduce traditional dishes.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameMutsukari
AreaGinza / Yurakucho / Marunouchi / Yaesu
Reservation Contact Number


(Available in English)

Opening day1st June, 2004
Hours of Operation 17:30~23:00
Closed Sundays・National holidays
Service chargeSpecial room-10%
Children Not permitted

*Please inquire for children elementary school age and older.

Capacity 46 seats
Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Private Rooms Available

*Private room ×1 room (available for parties of less than 6 )
Semi-private ×5 rooms
Special room ×1 room
Reservation required for use of private room.

Smoking Smoking prohibited
Barrier Free Yes
Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier Bartender
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

*Chef Akiyama creates unique dishes based in classic Japanese cuisine.

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time

Foreign Language Menu Available


Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available


AddressGinza pony group Bldg 6th &7th Floor, 5-5-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, , Tokyo, 104-0061
Phone Number


(Available in English)

Fax Number


(Available in English)

Access3 minutes walk from Ginza St. on the Tokyo Metro Ginza,Marunouchi and Hibiya Lines.
DinnerTop Quality Course¥18,000
Available wines

Approx. 50 types

Mainly New Zealand wines, with Californian and French wines also on hand.

Available sakes

Approx. 15 types

Incredible line-up of leading brands.

Available whiskies

Approx. 2 types

Available beers

Asahi dry premium, Suntory premium malt's

Available shochus

Approx. 5 types

Restaurant Interior