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Ristorante Italiano Artigiano kagurazaka

リストランテ イタリアーノ アルティジャーノ 神楽坂
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Enjoy great food and conversation at
this Italian restaurant in the back streets
of Kagurazaka, and experience homemade
flavours only found in the kitchen of a master chef.

Walk down the cobblestone back streets of Kagurazaka, and you feel as if you are walking through the ancient alleys of Montmartre in Paris. This restaurant sits in that atmospheric spot, its warm lights welcoming guests with real home-made Italian food.

It feels so comfortable, that one step in and the words "I'm home!" come almost unbidden to your lips.

Chef Kazuyuki Okamoto is very careful about ensuring he is truly close to his customers. It is a small restaurant, with only six counter seats and table sitting for another six, but this allows the chef to see his customers - to talk to them and get an understanding for their preferences - enabling him to offer only the best in cuisine and service.

Even when you can't find something on the menu, let Chef Okamoto know, and he will do his best to provide something that meets your needs.

Artigiano is the Italian word for "artisan" and Okamoto's use of that word in the restaurant's name shows his extraordinary passion for food.

Everything is hand-made, from dried tomatoes to botargo to the champagne-soaked red caviar, and he serves only the best to his customers. He is a true craftsman, constantly in pursuit of better flavour.

They offer a rich selection of pastas on the thoroughly satisfying menu, from short pastas such as tortelli and gnocchi, to broad pappardelle and thin tagliolini.

Enjoy watching your food being made live, your appetite growing with every moment as you await the creation of your own culinary masterpiece. This restaurant is a must-visit for connoisseurs.


Chef Profile

Chef/Kazuyuki Okamoto Kazuyuki Okamoto

Born Saitama 1983.
Worked in Western cuisine restaurants in Tokyo before beginning at the famous Italian restaurant La Lettera in Kagurazaka. Worked there for eight years before opening Artigiano in January 2014.



What made you want to become a chef?
I have been really liked with meat sauce since I was little. Maybe it wasn't real Italian food, but I fell in love with the simple flavours. I thought becoming an Italian cuisine chef was perfect for me, because it would be fun to make sauce like that. I tend to really immerse myself and do things thoroughly. That's what cooking is.
What sort of requests do you get from customers?
We get a many wine-lovers here, so I try to prepare food that matches the wine they drink. When people come a number of times, I start to understand what they like, so I'll also make some special off-menu dishes. Sometimes customers come in an ask for something specific too.
What do you think is important in cooking?
I think ignoring the basics and doing things overly freely is egotistical. When I was training, I thoroughly learned the fundaments of Italian cuisine. When you truly understand the basics, you apply them better and get a clearer picture of what needs to be done and what doesn't. Mastering the fundamentals is a really deep experience and I enjoy it.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameRistorante Italiano Artigiano kagurazaka
リストランテ イタリアーノ アルティジャーノ 神楽坂
Opening day10th June, 2014
Hours of Operation 5:30PM~ L.O.9:30PM(Sunday・Holiday4:30PM~)
*Lunch:Available if ordered ahead of time.
Please contact us.
Closed Monday
*Tuesday transferred to the next day if a public holiday.
Credit Card

*Credit cards accepted on orders over \10,000

Service charge-
Cover Charge\500
Children Permitted
Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/神楽坂アルティジャーノ/621657144556304
Capacity 12 seats

*Tables:6-8seats Counter:6seats

Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Sofa seating available

Private party Available

*Parties: 14 seats, up to 16 standing.
*Please inquire to order ahead of time.

Private party options

Can bring own

Smoking Separate smoking area

*Time zone separation of smoking areas.

Parking Available

*Coin parking available nearby.

ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners
Serving SizeHeavy

Top-quality ingredients

*Fresh ingredients

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes
Vegetarian Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time.

Foreign Language Menu Available

*English, Italy

Religious Food Restrictions Possible

*Available if ordered ahead of time.

Address 4-4 Kagurazaka,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0825
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access■4 minutes walk from Iidabashi St. on the JR line and Tokyo Metro Namboku line,Touzai line,Yurakucho line,Toei Oedo line.
■5 minutes walk from Kagurazaka St. on the Tokyo Metro Touzai line.
LunchLunch Arti¥2,500(税別)
Lunch seconds¥2,500(税別)
Lunch chef¥3,800(税別)
DinnerArtigiano course¥3,900(税別)
Chef course¥5,500(税別)
Chef's Supecharite¥7,000(税別)
Available wines

Approx. 65 types

Italian wines only.

Available Cocktails

Approx. 10 types

Simple cocktail that uses cassis , gin , campari etc.

Available whiskies

Approx. 2 types

Available beers

Approx. 3 types

Drink Carry-out Permitted
Champagne Jeio Prosecco Superiore ¥6,600
White wine Castelli di Jesi Casal di Serra ¥6,100
Red wine Brolio Chianti Classico ¥6,900
Canaja ¥7,200

Restaurant Interior

Check for Open Tables