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Aile Blanche

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Melt-in-the-mouth texture,
Rich, concentrated flavour,
A magical foie gras with an almost sensual
allure that could stop the heart of any gourmand.

At one French restaurant in Tokyo, diners feel as if they are sitting in an apartment near the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

People are here for one main reason - the poiret de foie gras. A piece of the highest quality foie gras is thoroughly grilled on an iron plate until it can melt in the mouth. The rich flavour of this masterpiece have earned it the nick name "the magical foie gras."

It is one of the specialities of chef Tomohiro Ogawa, who trained at a 3-star restaurant in France, and this supreme dish is made from the beloved foie gras of Jean-Daniel Castaing.

In fact, only the best ingredients from the top-quality producers are used here - including Basque pork and Racan pigeon.

Ogawa uses butter and cream as little as possible in order to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients, making the dishes popular among female diners as well.

Roasted Madame Burgaud's Challans Pigeon is another of the chef's specialities.

Made with the venerable Burgaud family brand of Challans pigeon, its wild flavours are kept intact using the étouffé (smothering) method and once cooked, it provides a rich aroma and excellent flavour.

The abalone braised in consommé is another popular dish, but it is not normally listed on the course menu, so be sure to order it at least three days before your reservation.

The restaurant has between 50 and 60 wines on offer, and it is handled by Ogawa's brother, a sommelier who has also worked at Taillevent Robuchon. Wines are listed by price and not by region, making it easier to choose a wine to fit your budget.

A white wine is a particularly good choice for the poiret de foie gras. To have wine paired by the glass with the dishes in your course, it's best to order ahead of time.


Chef Profile

Chef/Tomohiro OgawaTomohiro Ogawa

Born Fukui Prefecture, 1973.
Graduated from culinary college, then worked at Au Mirador in Hakone and La Nouvelle Fontaine in Kyoto before moving to France in 1997.
Worked at 3-star L'Arnsbourg, 2-star Le Moulin De Mougins and other restaurants before returning to Japan in 2001. Worked as a chef in a French restaurant in Tokyo before opening his own restaurant in 2007.



How do you make the "magical foie gras?"
Foie gras is delicate and so it is hard to handle. When you heat it up, the fat starts to melt.

I use a specially ordered thick iron pan that adds heat evenly, keeping the temperature just under what would melt all the fat, until it is heated thoroughly.

I also choose the foie gras that works best with this cooking method.
What do you do for fun on your time off?
I finally have enough time for hobbies now, so I've picked up the guitar for the first time in years. When I was a student I only listened to rock, but now I'm mainly into jazz.

I practice in my free time, and just recently I started being able to play Ella Fitzgerald's Misty.
What restaurants do you like?
I'm from Fukui prefecture, so I like to eat regional food from there like oroshi-soba. I often go to Oshozuan Miyakawa, a popular echizen-soba place, and Kuzuryu Soba in Kagurazaka.

Recently, I've felt my hometown calling to me, so now I'm trying various combinations, like oroshi soba with French cuisine.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant NameAile Blanche
AreaNishiazabu / Roppongi / Azabujuban
Opening day1st March, 2007
Hours of Operation From 18:00(Last order 22:00)
Closed Sundays
Service charge\1,000
Dress Code Enforced

*Smart casual

Children Not permitted
Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/aileblanche.info
Capacity 14 seats
Seat area

Counter seating avalible

Private party Available

*For parties of 10 or more

Smoking Smoking prohibited
Sommelier/Bartender Sommelier
ReceptionistReceptions/Business Dinners

Top-quality ingredients

Can vehicles be arranged?Yes

Address Patio Azabujuban 5th Floor, 2-8-10, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, , Tokyo, 106-0045
Phone Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Fax Number


(Only available in Japanese)

Access3 minutes walk from from exit 4 at Azabu-juban St. on the Tokyo Metro Namboku line.
DinnerRecommended Anniversary Course(7 dishes:include magical foie gras)¥12,960(税込)
Available beers

Sapporo Yebisu beer

Restaurant Interior